Taking true value of beauty to the next level


Connecting customers and companies through a mutually beneficial beauty ecosystem


Transparent Distribution

If a company utilizes information provided or created by customers, the information providers get rewards with using blockchain in a completely transparent manner.


Sharing Rewards

For business models that self-create extra values using such information, both the platform and data providers shall share rewards in order to continue the improvement of the platform.


Ecosystem Operation

Company participants contribute to the stable operation of the Cosmochain ecosystem by actively and fairly utilizing customers’ data.

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Introducing COSMEE

World’s first blockchain-based beauty community platform


Howon Song


Huiseoul Inc., CEO

Hyungang Yang


Former) McKinsey & Company Consultant

Suin Park

Business Development Lead

Former) Huiseoul Inc., Sales Director

Hyekyeong Kim

Marketing Manager

Hyejoon Yoon

Marketing Manager

Eunryeong Cha

Marketing Manager

Jingoo Kim


Former) KB Securities, IT Quant

Johnwook Choi


Former) Samsung Electronics
Former) SK Planet

Bobeen Lee

Front-end Engineer

Former) Coupang, Engineer

Jinho Hong

Back-end Engineer

Junmyeong Lee

Blockchain Engineer

Wonjun Hwang

Front-end Engineer

Former) Bluewhale, Engineer

Sunmi Kim

Back-end Engineer

Former) CJ Olive Networks, Engineer

Hyungjun Kim

Front-end Engineer

Former) Bluewhale, Engineer

Gayeong Jeong

UI/UX Designer

Hyunmin Lee


Subin Ryu

Production Lead

Daun Jeong


Former) SMC program director

Hyunjun Kim


Former) Travel Agency Yellowballoon PD

Jaeyoung Choi


Former) Football eye PD

Huisoo Ahn


Former) T-Plus, Consultant
Former) Ernst & Young CFS, Consultant

Jiweon Suh

External Relations Lead

Jungyun Park

External Relations Lead

Joohyung Park

External Relations Manager


Sung Park

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Translink Capital

Sung is mainly interested in industrial Internet of things (IIoT) and big data, ranging from manufacturing, telecommunications to automotive. His active current investments include Airplug, Diamanti, Nexenta, and Solinea.

Yeonhee Kim

Senior Parter & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Yeonhee Kim is a Senior Partner at the Boston Consulting Group. She is a global expert with over 27 years of consulting experience, and her expertise lies in the fields of consumer products and retail. Ms. Kim is a frequently-featured columnist and advisor in the business press and in seminars, on the topics of consumer products, marketing, talent management and growth strategy. Currently, she is also serving as member of external advisory committee of Financial Services Commission and Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

Simon Seojoon Kim

Chief Executive Officer, Hashed
Venture Partner, SoftBank Ventures Korea

Simon Seojoon Kim is CEO and Partner of Hashed, a leading crypto fund based in South Korea. He is a Blockchain evangelist and organizer of Hashed Lounge, a premier Blockchain Seoul meetup community. Prior to Hashed, Simon was a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded numerous companies. He served as Chief Product Officer at Knowre, an ed-tech startup that was named one of World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education by Fast Company.

Ryan Sungho Kim

Chief Acceleration Officer, Hashed

Ryan Sungho Kim is Chief Acceleration Officer and Partner at Hashed. He is a serial entrepreneur specializing in data analytics. Previously, Ryan founded a mobile app builder serving more than 100 online retailers and sold the company to a unicorn enterprise. Following this exit, he led the algorithm team at the largest recommendation engine company in Korea.

Darius Sit

Managing Partner, QCP Capital

Darius is Managing Partner at QCP Capital, a crypto-focused trading firm based in Singapore. He started his career as a Macro Trader at Dymon Asia Capital, one of Asia’s leading hedge funds. In his four years at Dymon, he traded cross-asset derivatives with a focus on Asian FX/NDFs and model-based strategies. He was most recently at BNP Paribas managing the Asia FX & Bonds book out of New York, Sao Paulo and Singapore.

Hee-Eun (Baki) Park

Principal, Altos Ventures

Baki focuses on mobile and software investments in Korea as principal at Altos Ventures, which is well-known for its investment in Coupang, Woowa Brothers, Zigbang, Memebox and many others.

Bokyung Kim

CEO, Make My Wedding Beauty KOL

Bokyung, CEO of Make My Wedding, is a top Korean beauty KOL who cooperates with international luxury brands such as Giorgio Armani, Sisley, Shiseido, and Fendi.

Eunielle Lee

Chief Executive Officer, Cut & Curl Inc.

Eunielle is a marketing expert who focuses on business development and cross-channel marketing in the beauty industry. She founded two beauty services, Cut & Curl mobile application and Style Bar X.

Hojin Jung

Assistant Professor in Marketing, Hongik University

Hojin is an assistant professor in the Department of Marketing at Hongik University. Prior to joining Hongik, he earned a PhD in Marketing from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. His primary research areas include Data-driven Marketing, Competitive Strategies, Behavioral Economics, and Incentive Compensation Plan. He developed and managed data science projects for companies including LG UPlus, SK Networks, SK M&C, L.L. Bean, and JD Power.

Geoffrey Yoon, M.D.

Cardiologist, El Camino Hospital in Silicon Valley

Dr. Geoffrey Yoon is a Cardiologist at Palo Alto Medical Foundation and El Camino Hospital in Silicon Valley. He graduated medical school from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and completed his Cardiology Fellowship at Stanford University. He will lead the medical advisory team at Cosmochain, and will actively support Cosmochain’s growing connections with medical and research centers.

Paul Hwang, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Plastic Surgeon, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Dr. Paul Hwang is a Plastic Surgeon at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He then went on to finish medical school at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He completed his general surgery residency at Walter Reed and plastic surgery training at the Harvard Plastic Surgery Residency Program. With his vast expertise in aesthetic medicine and skin rejuvenation, he will assist the medical advisory board at Cosmochain.

Joowon Hur


Former) Boston Consulting Group Seoul Office, Project Leader

Seungho Shin


Former) Hahn & Co. PE
Former) Boston Consulting Group Seoul Office, Consultant

Changmin Oh


Former) Boston Consulting Group Seoul Office, Senior Associate

Howard Ro

Engineering Advisor

Google Mountain View, Software Engineer
Former) LinkedIn

Mingyu Kim

Engineering Advisor

Google Mountain View, Software Engineer
Former) Palantir

Jae Jang

Engineering Advisor

Facebook Menlo Park, Software Engineer
Former) Microsoft


Kakao Investment is a 100% subsidiary of Kakao which specializes in venture capital investments. Kakao Investment seeks to invest and support innovative start-ups that can realize interpersonal connection.

Hashed is a leading cryptocurrency and blockchain investment fund. Hashed has invested in numerous blockchain projects around the world and accelerated projects across various industries including Medibloc, Sentinel Protocol, and ICON.

NEOPLY is a Korea-based startup accelerator that focuses on early-stage startups. NEOPLY provides mentoring, angel-funding and work space for startups. NEOPLY has incubated about 30 startups since its founding in 2008.

Coach B & Stewards is an Organization focused on creating awareness, communities, opportunities, partnerships, and platforms towards advancing the cause of blockchain ecosystem in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Coach B & Stewards is poised to be the foremost Organization in the African blockchain ecosystem.

QCP Capital runs two core crypto fund strategies, a Quant strategy focused on volatility and correlation, alongside a trading strategy focused on arbitrage and derivatives. The firm also facilitates trading in crypto assets, provides trading/structuring advice and helps out with treasury and balance sheet management. QCP Capital is headquartered in Singapore but has desks in the UK, Japan, Australia and a strategic focus on Southeast Asia.

Signum Capital is a Singapore-based firm that exclusively consults in Blockchain-enabled companies. Signum Capital's mission is to realize the future of Blockchain economy by consulting in game changing projects and companies. Signum Capital participates in pre-sale stages of Token Generation Events and Equity investments.

Lemniscap is an investment and advisory firm specializing in investments in emerging blockchain assets and advising early stage blockchain startups. Lemniscap believes blockchain technology will upend traditional business models, resulting in profound changes in the world economy.

Block Crafters Capital(BCC) is a professional team of experts in blockchain, startups, and traditional finance that invests exclusively in blockchain technologies. BCC’s mission is to offer investment services for investors who believe in the incredible potential and opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies. BCC aims to further the acceleration of blockchain industry by investing in ICO projects and blockchain technology.

Nirvana Capital is a leading blockchain focused investment fund founded by the early investors of Ethereum. Nirvana Capital has invested in leading portfolios such as Golem, Polkadot, OmiseGo, QTUM.

Nexplat Korea is a Korea-based investment company that focuses on tech-based startups. Nexplat Korea has invested in Flint, Picneko Creative, and Bigball.

The Ventures is an initial start-up investment company with the motto of ‘Company Building Company’. The Ventures has successfully fostered innovative start-ups including Sell it and PARK HERE based on CEO’s start-up experience on Silicon Valley and domestic & overseas network.


Ground X Corp. is a blockchain subsidiary of Kakao Corp, South Korea's dominant message-app operator. Ground X is targeting firms that have internet or mobile services that could be offered over a blockchain platform.

ICON is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world. ICON boasts independent blockchains comprised of reputable institutions in major industries. ICON aims to build a decentralized network that allows independent blockchains with different governance systems to transact with one another without intermediaries.

Influence Icon is an entertainment company which trains new beauty creators to enable sincere and authentic communication between creators and users through contents




Cosmochain succesfully completed its ICO on May 21st, 2018 with a hard cap of 50,000 ETH.
The ticker/symbol of Cosmochain-issued token is COSM.
Currently, we do not have any additional bounties planned.
For private sale, only institutional investors participated via contracts. For public sale, both presale and crowdsale was offered through our website.
Cosmochain is a platform aiming to connect customers and companies through a mutually beneficial beauty ecosystem. There are two parts to this platform in the service level – 1) The Cosmochain Community where users can share beauty information and create related contents and interactions, and 2) The Cosmochain Solution where companies can search for data, provide products to the Marketplace, and carry out various projects. COSMEE is the official label of the Cosmochain Community (1).
Cosmo Coin is the cryptocurrency issued by Cosmochain. It is an ERC20-based token that can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. The base protocol may change according to the selection of main-net in the future. COSM is the symbol (abbreviation) of Cosmo Coin. For individuals, Cosmo Coins will be used to purchase Cosmo Power which is necessary for community activities, or to encash the Cosmo Power they earned through various community interactions. Cosmo Power, to be precise, is the indicator of the user’s influential power/contribution within the COSMEE platform and can be obtained through interactions in the community or purchased with Cosmo Coins. To change Cosmo Power to Cosmo Coin, users will have to go through a period of authority confirmation which takes 30 days.
COSMEE is a beauty community platform with a token-rewarding algorithm integrated into it. Unlike conventional beauty communities where only a few of the creators received the benefit from creating contents, users on COSMEE will all be rewarded for their interaction within the platform based on a transparent and fair reward system. They will be rewarded with COSM which is anticipated to organically vitalize the platform. Moreover, users will be able to purchase products on the platform’s ‘marketplace’ with the COSM they received. As for companies, they will be able to gain customer intelligence and insight by carrying out surveys and advertisements.
COSM is given out as rewards to users for creating contents / writing comments / Voting (Like/Dislike) / sharing and more interactions. We are currently developing the system so that it could also be used to purchase products in COSMEE’s ‘marketplace’ (tentative name).
· 2018 3-4Q (Launching of COSMEE Platform Pilot): Pilot Test – We will be pilot testing the COSMEE service in the Korean market first using a separate token.
· 2019 1Q (Launching of the COSMEE Platform Alpha version): We will be officially launching the COSMEE platform using the COSM token.
· 2019 2Q (Launching of COSMEE Platform Beta version/ COSMEE Solution Alpha): We will be testing the projects with companies/advertising agencies and the COSMEE Solution platform.
· 2019 3Q (Global Launch (Gradual expansion)): 1st Target: ASEAN / 2nd Target: America / 3rd Target: Europe, Oceania
We do not have any specific plans to expand the categories. For now, we will be focusing only on beauty.
COSM price appreciation is an important element for activation of COSMEE service, but we do not set a “reasonable price” internally. The amount of COSM reward that COSMEE creators and curators can receive is affected by the number of active users (the number of contents and votings to be exact), the amount of token due to inflation, price of COSM, and the reward allocation scheme. A simulation regarding the aforementioned factors have been conducted, and we have set number of target users by COSMEE service phase as our internal KPI. However, we do not set a target price, as 1) price is a factor that the team cannot control, and 2) users’ discretion is more important than our discretion regarding which users get ‘how much’ COSM rewards, but rather focus on developing the service well.
COSMEE consists of three layers; Application (front-end) / API (back-end) / Blockchain. The API layer, where blockchain is not applied, makes the service fast and stable. Information related to rewarding will be sent forward by the API layer to the Blockchain layer. As for information related to user wallets and blockchain IDs, it will only be saved in the Application layer. This section is only accessible by the user.
The pilot service currently runs on the ETH testnet and is structured to allow changes to be made to the algorithm based on how the pilot testing proceeds. Once the pilot test is over, an optimal mainnet for the official service will be selected based on 1) the readiness of the mainnet, 2) the load caused by the Cosmochain service 3) the stability/speed/cost of the mainnets. The mainnet will be confirmed after the pilot test is over.
The precondition of providing rewards is that all activities are recorded in the blockchain. However, due to scalability issues, not all information can be kept in the blockchain. Therefore, we have developed an on/offchain mixed structure that records the minimum amount of information needed for calculating the reward scheme so that there is less congestion in the blockchain. Accordingly, information regarding posting and voting will be recorded in the onchain, but most of the other information will be saved in the offchain. Few of the information that can represent hash value activities will be uploaded in the onchain, be calculated, and eventually be processed as a reward to be provided to the user.
· Conventional beauty communities like UNPA, Glowpick, and Hwahae are structured in a way that most of the profit gained from the platform returns to the operators of the platform. Comparatively, COSMEE is structured so that anybody participating in the platform is rewarded for their interaction based on a transparent and fair reward-providing algorithm.
· Blockchain-based services such as Wildspark and Steemit may seem similar to COSMEE in that they are social rewarding platforms. However, they are different in that their main purpose is providing curatorial activities based on external contents while COSMEE induces the creation of organic contents within the platform. Unlike other platforms that deal with contents of various categories, COSMEE only focuses on beauty contents and aims to become the number one application in the beauty category. Accordingly, specialized beauty information such as users’ skin information can be shared. Moreover, it is anticipated that the usability of the rewarded tokens will be maximized as it will be possible to use the tokens to purchase products in the platform’s ‘marketplace’. Fundamentally, COSMEE will overcome the limitations posed by erstwhile beauty communities as it will develop into a comprehensive beauty platform combined of contents + community + purchasing + product review + collaborative projects with companies and more.
· COSMEE can be downloaded in Google Play and App Store. Currently, COSMEE is only serviced in Korea.
· Google Play:
· App Store:
COSMEE (user platform) is one of the two main parts of Cosmochain and the preemptive stage for developing the other main part, Cosmochain Solution (for companies). COSMEE is planned to develop into a comprehensive beauty platform where users are rewarded for sharing their beauty insights, purchasing products, and participating in surveys and events carried out by companies. The pilot test will be launched to check whether the blockchain-based contents sharing function operates properly. This will include the testing of the reward scheme needed for setting a fair and transparent reward-system. Also, it will test whether the uploading of the contents and searching them functions properly as well as test what would be needed to maintain the community hygienic and fruitful. The pilot test will run on the Ethereum testnet.
Since COSMEE is a community where anybody can write anything freely, there are possibilities of unrelated contents, inappropriate posts, and abusive comments being posted. As soon as an inappropriate post or comment is detected, according to the severity, we will 1) hide the post, 2) control the level of exposure of the post/comment and also depending on the severity, a) the admin will directly take action, b) filter the contents in advance, or c) apply an auto-purification function based on reports made by other users.
COSM is currently listed on 12 exchanges including 현재 COSM은 CPDAX, GDAC, CoinZest, CoinAll, KuCoin, Coinrail, CoinBene, HitBTC, UEX, FOne, IDEX, and TokenJar.
More exchanges including the ones in Korea for listing are currently under discussion. Announcements regarding listing on new exchanges will be publicly shared after acquiring exact listing time. This is due to danger of possible rupture during the listing process (application review, requirements consultation), so please understand the inconvenience that we are unavailable for giving the announcements beforehand.
We are presently engaging in and further planning on marketing through internal channels including Telegram, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, and Weekly PDF, and marketing through external resources using major communities in Korea/China/US and influencers. Marketing activities will simultaneously target potential investors and COSMEE users.